Experience the precision of boundary maps verified through ground surveys, offering detailed insights into three hierarchical levels: locality, sub-locality, and block. Get access to over 1.6 lakh boundaries for your business


cityA large urban area recognized as a legal entity with its own government.
localityName of a general area or place.
sub_localityName of a subdivision of a location larger than a sub-sub-location but smaller than a block or town.
sub_sub_localityName of a sub-sub-location within a larger location.
idA unique identifier for a specific record or object in a database or information management system.
blockA subdivision of a town or city.
GeometryThe spatial data or geographic information related to the geographic feature. It could include information on the location, shape, and size of the feature, represented in a specific coordinate reference system. The format of the geometry column could vary depending on the data structure, but it is usually represented as a point, line, or polygon.
Sector 41D
Sector 36B
Sector 37B
Sector 38A
Sector 38B
Sector 39A
Sector 39C
Sector 40B
Sector 42D
Sector 39 West
Sector 42A
Sector 39B
Sector 41A
Sector 45C
Sector 45B
Sector 45A
Sector 45 Burail Village
Sector 46D
Sector 46B
Sector 21B
Sector 21D
Sector 17E
Sector 23B
Sector 18A
Khuda Alisher
Rajpur Khurd
Sector 1
Sector 34A
Sector 63
Sector 50
Sector 27A
Sector 28A
Sector 27B
Sector 29A
Sector 30B
Sector 31B
Sector 30A
Sector 34D
Sector 36A
Sector 6
Sector 2B
Sector 2A
Sector 5B
Sector 4B
Sector 4A
Sector 24A
Sector 24B
Sector 16A
Sector 15B
Sector 23A
Sector 23D
Sector 16B
Sector 20B
Sector 33C
Sector 47A
Sector 47B
Sector 44B
Sector 52
Sector 5A
Sector 7B
Sector 11C
Sector 11B
Sector 10C
Sector 10A
Sector 7A
Sector 8A
Sector 11A
Sector 9B
Sector 10B
Sector 16C
Sector 8B
Sector 8C
Sector 9D
Sector 22D
Sector 41B
Business & Industrial Park 2
Sector 38D
Sector 18D
Sector 19C
Sector 19D
Sector 7C
Sector 24D
Sector 26 East
Sector 26
Sector 48A
Sector 41C
Sector 16D
Sector 18C
Sector 45D
Sector 46C
Sector 47C
Sector 47D
Sector 15D
Sector 28C
Badheri Village
Sector 21C
Sector 36D
Sector 22A
Sector 22B
Sector 22C
Sector 61
Sector 12
Sector 40A
Sector 27C
Sector 53
Sector 49A
Business & Industrial Park 1
Faidan Nizampur
Bair Majra
Sector 26 East Extension
Sector 17C
Sector 17A
Sector 54
Sector 48C
Sector 46A
Sector 25 West
Sector 25
Sector 25D
Railway Colony
Vikas Nagar
Raipur Kalan
Makhan Majra
Sector 14 West
Sector 49C
Sector 49D
Sector 19A
Sector 19B
Sector 49B
Sector 51A
Sector 51B
Sector 51D
Sector 34C
Sector 18B
Sector 30C
Sector 30D
Sector 38 West
Sector 35A
Sector 35B
Sector 35C
Sector 37A
Sector 38C
Sector 56
Sector 20D
Sector 20C
Sector 32C
Sector 32D
Sector 10D
Sector 11D
Sector 14
Sector 15A
Sector 33A
Sector 33B
Sector 29B
Sector 24C
Sector 29C
Sector 29D
Sector 31D
Sector 31C
Sector 55
Sector 23C
Sector 33D
Sector 15C
Sector 37D
Sector 37C
Sector 44C
Sector 28B
Sector 3
Sector 9A
Sector 35D
Sector 31A
Chandigarh Airport Area
Hallo Majra
Sector 32A
Sector 42C
Manimajra Complex
Sector 32B
Sector 39D
Sector 40C
Sector 9C
Sector 44A
Sector 27D
Sector 40D
Sector 44D
Sector 28D
Sector 17B
Sector 20A
Sector 21A
Sector 17F
Sector 17D
Sector 34B
Shivalik Enclave
Mauli Jagran
Sector 48B
Sector 36C
Sector 42B
Sector 43
Sector 42 Attawa Village
Sector 43A
Sector 43B
Buterla Village
Khuda Jassu
Sector 51
Sector 48D
Sector 12 West