District Boundary data refers to geospatial information that defines administrative districts within a specific region or country. With us, get accurate and comprehensive geographical information defining administrative district divisions.


district_nameCensus District Name
state_nameCensus State Name
no_hhNo of Households
tot_pTotal Population Person
tot_mTotal Population Male
tot_fTotal Population Female
tot_work_pTotal Worker Population Person
tot_work_mTotal Worker Population Male
state_codeCensus State Code
p_06Population in the age group 0-6 Person
geometryThe spatial data or geographic information related to the geographic feature. It could include information on the location, shape, and size of the feature, represented in a specific coordinate reference system. The format of the geometry column could vary depending on the data structure, but it is usually represented as a point, line, or polygon.
margwork_0_3_mMarginal Worker Population 0_3 Male
margwork_0_3_fMarginal Worker Population 0_3_Female
marg_cl_0_3_pMarginal Cultivator Population 0_3 Person
marg_cl_0_3_mMarginal Cultivator Population 0_3 Male
marg_cl_0_3_fMarginal Cultivator Population 0_3_Female
marg_al_0_3_pMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 0_3 Person
marg_al_0_3_mMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 0_3 Male
marg_al_0_3_fMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 0_3 Female
marg_hh_0_3_pMarginal Household Industries Population 0_3 Person
marg_hh_0_3_mMarginal Household Industries Population 0_3 Male
marg_hh_0_3_fMarginal Household Industries Population 0_3 Female
marg_ot_0_3_pMarginal Other Workers Population 0_3 Person
district_codeCensus District Code
f_scScheduled Castes populationFemale
p_stScheduled Tribes population Person
m_stScheduled Tribes population Male
f_stScheduled Tribes population Female
p_litLiterates Population Person
m_litLiterates Population Male
f_litLiterates Population Female
p_illIlliterate Persons
m_illIlliterate Male
f_illIlliterate Female
tot_work_fTotal Worker Population Female
mainwork_pMain Working Population Person
mainwork_mMain Working Population Male
mainwork_fMain Working Population Female
main_cl_pMain Cultivator Population Person
main_cl_mMain Cultivator Population Male
main_cl_fMain Cultivator Population Female
main_al_pMain Agricultural Labourers Population Person
main_al_mMain Agricultural Labourers Population Male
main_al_fMain Agricultural Labourers Population Female
main_hh_pMain Household Industries Population Person
main_hh_mMain Household Industries Population Male
main_hh_fMain Household Industries Population Female
main_ot_pMain Other Workers Population Person
main_ot_mMain Other Workers Population Male
main_ot_fMain Other Workers Population Female
margwork_pMarginal Worker Population Person
margwork_mMarginal Worker Population Male
margwork_fMarginal Worker Population Female
marg_cl_pMarginal Cultivator Population Person
marg_cl_mMarginal Cultivator Population Male
marg_cl_fMarginal Cultivator Population Female
marg_al_pMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population Person
marg_al_mMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population Male
marg_al_fMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population Female
marg_hh_pMarginal Household Industries Population Person
marg_hh_mMarginal Household Industries Population Male
marg_hh_fMarginal Household Industries Population Female
marg_ot_pMarginal Other Workers Population Person
marg_ot_mMarginal Other Workers Population Male
marg_ot_fMarginal Other Workers Population Female
margwork_3_6_pMarginal Worker Population 3_6 Person
margwork_3_6_mMarginal Worker Population 3_6 Male
margwork_3_6_fMarginal Worker Population 3_6 Female
marg_cl_3_6_pMarginal Cultivator Population 3_6 Person
marg_cl_3_6_mMarginal Cultivator Population 3_6 Male
marg_cl_3_6_fMarginal Cultivator Population 3_6 Female
marg_al_3_6_pMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 3_6 Person
marg_al_3_6_mMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 3_6 Male
marg_al_3_6_fMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 3_6 Female
marg_hh_3_6_pMarginal Household Industries Population 3_6 Person
marg_hh_3_6_mMarginal Household Industries Population 3_6 Male
marg_hh_3_6_fMarginal Household Industries Population 3-6 Female
marg_ot_3_6_pMarginal Other Workers Population Person 3_6 Person
marg_ot_3_6_mMarginal Other Workers Population Person 3_6 Male
marg_ot_0_3_mMarginal Other Workers Population 0_3 Male
marg_ot_0_3_fMarginal Other Workers Population 0_3 Female
non_work_pNon Working Population Person
non_work_mNon Working Population Male
non_work_fNon Working Population Female
marg_ot_3_6_fMarginal Other Workers Population Person 3_6 Female
margwork_0_3_pMarginal Worker Population 0_3 Person
m_06Population in the age group 0-6 Male
f_06Population in the age group 0-6 Female
p_scScheduled Castes population Person
m_scScheduled Castes population Male