Tehsil Boundary data is geographical information that defines the administrative divisions known as tehsils inside a certain area or district. It contains the coordinates (latitude and longitude) as well as descriptive features for each tehsil, such as the name, code, and any other administrative or demographic information.


f_06Population in the age group 0-6 Female
tot_fTotal Population Female
tot_mTotal Population Male
tot_pTotal Population Person
tot_work_fTotal Worker Population Female
mainwork_pMain Working Population Person
mainwork_mMain Working Population Male
marg_ot_mMarginal Other Workers Population Male
marg_ot_fMarginal Other Workers Population Female
tehsil_codeCensus Tehsil Code
tehsil_nameCensus Tehsil Name
district_codeCensus District Name
district_nameCensus District Code
state_codeCensus State Code
state_nameCensus State Name
add index 4
p_scScheduled Castes population Person
m_scScheduled Castes population Male
f_scScheduled Castes populationFemale
p_stScheduled Tribes population Person
m_stScheduled Tribes population Male
f_stScheduled Tribes population Female
p_litLiterates Population Person
m_litLiterates Population Male
f_litLiterates Population Female
p_illIlliterate Persons
m_illIlliterate Male
f_illIlliterate Female
mainwork_fMain Working Population Female
main_cl_pMain Cultivator Population Person
main_cl_mMain Cultivator Population Male
main_cl_fMain Cultivator Population Female
main_al_pMain Agricultural Labourers Population Person
main_al_mMain Agricultural Labourers Population Male
main_al_fMain Agricultural Labourers Population Female
main_hh_pMain Household Industries Population Person
main_hh_mMain Household Industries Population Male
main_hh_fMain Household Industries Population Female
main_ot_pMain Other Workers Population Person
main_ot_mMain Other Workers Population Male
main_ot_fMain Other Workers Population Female
margwork_pMarginal Worker Population Person
margwork_mMarginal Worker Population Male
margwork_fMarginal Worker Population Female
marg_cl_pMarginal Cultivator Population Person
marg_cl_mMarginal Cultivator Population Male
marg_cl_fMarginal Cultivator Population Female
marg_al_pMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population Person
marg_al_mMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population Male
marg_al_fMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population Female
marg_hh_pMarginal Household Industries Population Person
marg_hh_mMarginal Household Industries Population Male
marg_hh_fMarginal Household Industries Population Female
marg_ot_pMarginal Other Workers Population Person
margwork_3_6_pMarginal Worker Population 3_6 Person
margwork_3_6_mMarginal Worker Population 3_6 Male
margwork_3_6_fMarginal Worker Population 3_6 Female
marg_cl_3_6_pMarginal Cultivator Population 3_6 Person
marg_cl_3_6_mMarginal Cultivator Population 3_6 Male
marg_cl_3_6_fMarginal Cultivator Population 3_6 Female
marg_al_3_6_pMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 3_6 Person
marg_al_3_6_mMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 3_6 Male
marg_al_3_6_fMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 3_6 Female
marg_hh_3_6_pMarginal Household Industries Population 3_6 Person
marg_hh_3_6_mMarginal Household Industries Population 3_6 Male
marg_hh_3_6_fMarginal Household Industries Population 3-6 Female
marg_ot_3_6_pMarginal Other Workers Population Person 3_6 Person
marg_ot_3_6_mMarginal Other Workers Population Person 3_6 Male
marg_ot_3_6_fMarginal Other Workers Population Person 3_6 Female
margwork_0_3_pMarginal Worker Population 0_3 Person
margwork_0_3_mMarginal Worker Population 0_3 Male
margwork_0_3_fMarginal Worker Population 0_3_Female
marg_cl_0_3_pMarginal Cultivator Population 0_3 Person
marg_cl_0_3_mMarginal Cultivator Population 0_3 Male
marg_cl_0_3_fMarginal Cultivator Population 0_3_Female
marg_al_0_3_pMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 0_3 Person
marg_al_0_3_mMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 0_3 Male
marg_al_0_3_fMarginal Agriculture Labourers Population 0_3 Female
marg_hh_0_3_pMarginal Household Industries Population 0_3 Person
marg_hh_0_3_mMarginal Household Industries Population 0_3 Male
marg_hh_0_3_fMarginal Household Industries Population 0_3 Female
marg_ot_0_3_pMarginal Other Workers Population 0_3 Person
marg_ot_0_3_mMarginal Other Workers Population 0_3 Male
marg_ot_0_3_fMarginal Other Workers Population 0_3 Female
non_work_pNon Working Population Person
non_work_mNon Working Population Male
non_work_fNon Working Population Female
p_06Population in the age group 0-6 Person
m_06Population in the age group 0-6 Male
tot_work_pTotal Worker Population Person
tot_work_mTotal Worker Population Male
no_hhNo of Households